Rip Curl Titanium Ocean Search Watch Review

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Rip Curl Titanium Ocean Search Watch Review

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Tide functions
The watch comes preset to 200 surfing locations from continents such as, Asia, America, Europe and Oz. These presets are pretty useless out of the box because when i checked Newquays tides they were well out. However, you can turn useless into useful by adjusting the tidal information to the correct settings. Don’t expect the tide information to be very accurate out of the box you will need to adjust this. Depending on how accurate you want to keep the tide times you will have just adjust this settings every 2 weeks or so. I adjust mine every 4 to five weeks, but if i surfed a reef, or a break which depended heavily on points of tide, i would keep it more up to date. Setting up tides wasn’t that straight forward, but if you read the manual you will get there.
Another great feature is that you can set tide information to any location, so my local break (Porthtowan) isn’t found in the 200 preset breaks. By using the nearest preset beach to Pothtowan which was Newquay, I adjusted the offset function to set the correct tide for Porthtowan. So for example Porthtowans tides were about 45mins off Newquays so I adjusted the offset to -45. After this was set I simply used the rename function to display Porthtowan on the watches display. This procedure now gives me the correct tide times for Porthtowan. If you aren’t located near any of the 200 preset breaks you can use the ‘spot x’ function which enables you to adjust the tidal setting to your local break.
The tidal information given is very good, displayed is the tide height, moon phase, and tide range which is given in metres. All this information is very useful at the glance of the wrist! I have to say, I’m pretty impressed with Rip Curl Automatic Tide System, I have used other tide watches like Nixon and Quiksilver and these don’t even compare to the Rip Curls system.

Other functions
This watch is well built and feels like a very good quality sports watch, the titanium casing makes the watch feel solid and not cheap feeling like some sports watches. The watch has been taken on and off every day and the strap has no signs of wear and tear.

The Titanium Ocean Search watch comes with all the bells and whistles you would normally find on most digital watches, time, stop watch, alarm, DST function and timer. The watch also comes with a built in digital compass which I rarely use, but could come in handy if I get lost on the way home from the pub!

Verdict 9/10
I have owned and used this watch daily for nearly 4 years and on occasions i have lost the watch in the house and I have missed it dearly. Luckily i always find the watch again, but there’s days where i can’t simply glanced at my watch to see what the tide is doing. This is most irritating when I’m out and about and can’t use my Iphone to get the information. I live in Cornwall with the worst mobile phone reception in the world. So far I haven’t even had a battery replaced, and I surf with the watch on and it’s never leaked. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 was because it has a pretty hefty price tag. However, I do feel that due to the quality and robust nature of the watch, I feel it is worth every penny.
For people who don’t want to spend £250 on a watch, Rip Curl makes an Ocean Search range for boys, men and women. These watches are made from plastic and have all the same features as the Titanium range apart from the compass. The starting price for these watches is around £110.00.

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