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I normally only wear a 4mm wetsuit down here in Cornwall and for previous seasons I have used the Rip Curl E Bomb Pro. I really rated this wetsuit; it was very warm, extremely light weight, super flexible and fitted like a glove. However, with all these factors in the E Bombs favour, the wetsuit just didn’t last that long. The most I got out of the Ebomb was a couple of seasons until the neoprene and the stitching came away at the back of the upper arms.

However, I saw the Quiksilver Cypher and thought this looked a much better wetsuit than the E Bomb Pro. The Cypher had a fleece lining inside the wetsuit, and it had taped seams on the inside of the wetsuit.


Also the collar was a rounded collar on the Cypher and felt a bit more robust than the E Bomb collar, which ended up loosening up after time and letting flush in. The collar fits over the head to fasten up the wetsuits chest zip.

In the end I had to go with a 5mm Cypher instead of a 4mm because Quiksilver didn’t have my size in stock. I wouldn’t normally dream of wearing a 5mm wetsuit down here in Cornwall, but the Cypher seemed light weight and just as stretchy as my 4mm E Bomb Pro.

The Review

Conditions:  Wind SE 17mph | Temperature – Sea 11°c – Air 0°c

Wetsuit Accessories: Wetsuit Boots

No Wetsuit Gloves, No Wetsuit Hood

  1. 1.      Getting on and off

The Cypher has is the similar zipper system to the Xcel Drylock whereby it pulls closed without fastening the zip up.

At first I felt Cypher zipper system was hard to get over the shoulder, but after putting the wetsuit on and off a few times, it got easier. However, I could see that blokes who are big up top may find it hard to get this wetsuit on due to the zipper obstruction.

Score 8/10

  1. 2.      Fit, Stretch and weight

The wetsuit fitted really well, even though it did look more like a small rather than a MS. I guess Quicksilver’s sizing is a slimmer fitting to Rip Curl and I think if the Cypher was a back zip I wouldn’t have fitted into the wetsuit. The neoprene’s stretch was really good despite the fact that the wetsuit was a 5mm. In fact I would go as far as saying it was the most flexible 5mm neoprene I had worn over the years, it felt more like a 4mm wetsuit. The wetsuit over all was very light weight despite the edition of the polypro inside the wetsuit.

Score 10/10

  1. 3.      Warmth

On the face of things the Cypher feels like a really well built and quality wetsuit, that’s until I got it in the water! I have always been warm enough in the water with a 4mm wetsuit. Also this season has been very mild compared to last season and I always wear no gloves and hood. However, the Cypher really let its self down when it came to warmth. I thought because the wetsuit was 5mm and had the polypro lining inside it would be warmer than my previous seasons Ebomb in the 4mm. In fact in the Cypher felt cold in the body, the cold seemed to be coming from the panelling underneath the arm area known as the paddle zones. This panelling feels like its 3mm and doesn’t have the polypro lining, this would explain the cold. The rest of the wetsuit felt warm, but it’s hard to maintain a good body temperature if the core of your body isn’t kept warm. I feel that if the polypro was applied to the paddle zone it may have reduced the cold. However, the panelling maybe 4mm without the poly pro, either way it feels noticeably colder without the polypro or thicker neoprene in this area.

Score 5/10

  1. 4.      Verdict

What let this wetsuit down dramatically was the penetration of cold. I would have scored the wetsuit a good 9/10 if I hadn’t felt the cold. However, the wetsuit was still useable, but still on the cold side. I won’t drop any names, but I’m also friends with one of Quicksilver’s team riders and he was in the water at the same time as me. I asked him how he felt in his Cypher and he agreed on the points I made regarding being cold. He was wearing a 6mm as well!!! However, on the other hand there was another guy in the water wearing last season’s Cypher and he said we was really happy with his and didn’t feel the cold. Did quicksilver do something wrong with this season’s wetsuit?

If I were to buy either the E Bomb Pro or the Quiksilver Cypher I would choose the Ebomb Pro. If Quiksilver address the cold for me I would wear the Cypher over the E Bomb for sure. I can’t comment on Cypher’s durability because I have only owned the wetsuit for a month. However, I will write back in a season’s time and let you all know how it performed.

Here’s my write up dated 26/07/12. Finally out of my Cypher winter wetsuit, and god I’m so glad i am. After one season this wetsuit is letting in water in the arms and near my balls! Even though the seams are taped its leaks. It maybe just one bad wetsuit; who knows. However, i will get another this winter to test again to see.

Score 3/10

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